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I'm Natalie, visual artist and professional photographer from Belarus, living and working in New York City. 


I create portraits for ordinary and extraordinary people around the world. In my works I focus on each person and its identities and character. I like to combine sensuality with the features of classic photography. My favorite topic is Women. What you see in my images is a pies of nostalgia for a world with more grain and more real people and women without photoshop-effects. Everything is too digital today.


Inspired by Peter Lindbergh, Vincent Peters and Patrick Demarchelier i like black and white photography as well as natural lite, emotionality, expressiveness, spontaneity, elegance and so called "random frame aesthetics". 


I love my husband and my son, my family is my inspiration and is very important for my life and my art.  I create family portraits filled with pure love, which i consider as a part of my personal mission to bring more love the world and to show people this love.


I work as professional Photographer as well as art event Producer. I'm opened to creative shootings,  art projects and collaborations:  

+1 929 471 1858 (phone, WhatsApp)


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