I always want to see beauty. Beauty always attracts me and calls me to experiment..


Hi! Glad to see you here.

I'm Nata, visual artist and professional photographer from Belarus, living and working in New York City. 

Natural beauty, freedom to be yourself, sensuality, daylight - it’s all about my style in photography as well as it’s all about me and about you if you decide to choose me for your personal portrait or personal branding photoshoot.  Every shooting is like a journey to your soul to your life to your inner beauty.

I show in my photograph real people and focus on each person and its identities and character. No matter who you are: entrepreneur or expert, woman, mom, wife - i'll reveal in my photos your depth, your philosophy, your true beauty.

I can't separate branding photoshoots and personal portraits and focus to something narrow direction, because I believe that your business, your life - everything reflect your inner world. I have professional marketing education and background that help me to create pictures that do work for your business or personal brand. I still working in Visual Communication Marketing because it's my passion the same as photography and my marketing projects dedicated to art.  
My favorite topic is Women and their life - experts, entrepreneurs, business owners, artists and moms. I don't like plastic faces and too much photoshop editing, it's very important to me to remember the true beauty of a person in the current period of life.